Happy Bones EP

by Bart Budwig

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This album was recorded/mixed/mastered at Blue Box Studios in Moscow Idaho from June 09- April 10. Some of the tracks were recorded in Bill Marineau's Barn and others were recorded in the basement of a blue picket fence house. "Happy Bones" was produced by Bart Budwig and The Budwiggers (Bart Budwig's previous band).


released April 23, 2010

Bart Budwig, Andy Abrams, Chris Lowe, Cooper Trail, Jodi Fisher, Austin Becker and Mike Hightower. Click on individual tracks for more information.


all rights reserved



Bart Budwig Enterprise, Oregon

"He's a cosmic country lawn gnome" - Sean Jewell (American Standard Time)


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Track Name: Beautiful Girl
I bet you think I wish I never met you
But I am grateful that I did
Everyone I love in this life
Is part of who I am

Things may not have ended the way we hoped they would
and I know some tears were shed
But those were not my intentions
So don't let it go to your head

I am not that man
Who plans for these things to end
You are a beautiful girl
So please go and rock this world

Everytime I talk to you
I am so grateful for where you are
You are going to do great things
I'll just be sittin, and playin on my stupid guitar


It's true that in the end things are working out again,
just the way we knew they should be.

And it doesn't mean a thing, when it comes to meaning things
and what I really want it to be.

Track Name: Happy Bones
I wanna have happy bones tonight
I wanna feel alright
I wanna dance and drink a beer
I wanna have happy bones tonight

I wanna feel your fingers inside mine
I wanna have a damn good time
I wanna walk under the moonlight
I wanna feel your fingers inside mine

And I just want to start again
But do not know where to begin
I wish that I knew what to do
But everything's so complicated with you

I want to see your beautiful feet
I want you to warm them up on me
I wanna be everywhere you are
I want to see your beautiful feet

I want my ears to hear a song
that sounds so good I know it must be wrong
I'll feel better, at least for a while
I want my ears to hear that song.

And I just want to start again
But do not know where to begin
I wish that I knew what to do
But everything's so complicated with you

Why did our lives go in differfent directions
And why does time move so slow
Please tell me why
Oh tell me why

I wanna have happy bones tonight...
Track Name: Emmie's Song
We shared our lives with music
Countless hours in my car
You always read the lyrics
While we listened to the songs

I never cared for country
I blame it on my ears
You never liked Bob Scnheider
I couldn't convince you in years

I thank God for music
I thank God for you
and even though your gone now
I'll still remember you
with that music that we shared

I could always make you smile
Even when you wore a frown
Just playing your favorite music
would turn your mood right around

You'd go with me to conerts
You always made me late
We missed a real good band once
But your company was great
Track Name: Stuck In the Corner
Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in the corner.
Like a little boy with my face in the dark
I here what's going on so I know what I'm missing

I'm sitting by the fire but I am still so cold
It's light and it's warmth does nothing for my heart of coal
Seems the closer I get the further I am

I turn my face to the sun
And pray to God for help
I can not make it on my own
This life brings me down

I'll tell you the truth; the truth is I'm trying hard
I wanna love life but I'm locked behind bars
I need to let my bitter, my bitter heart free
Track Name: I Miss You
I’m fine sometime
Until I realize you’re gone
Why’d you have to go and leave me?
To fight this big world all alone

I need someone to help me
I need someone to hold
God, why’d you take her,
And leave me here on my own?

I miss you

I don’t want to forget you
I don’t want to let you fade away
But it hurts to remember you
I cry at the sight of your face

I miss you

I want to see you smile
I want to give you a kiss
I want to hear your sweet voice
But all I can do is miss

I miss you

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