A Coke and a Smile EP

by Bart Budwig

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Lyrically, “A Coke and A Smile,” is unquestionably deep, even melancholy at times. But it’s effortless to look beyond the sometimes-heart-wrenching words with Budwig’s choice palette of smooth and upbeat folk, blues and jazzy undertones, tastefully woven throughout his debut acoustic album. Budwig’s use of looser production timing is a refreshing shift from the pervasive and over-manufactured sound of pop radio. The album has the relaxed vibe of a coffee shop performance, but with the dynamic music and lyrics that most guitar-strumming, bistro bums can’t offer. -Ben Herndon

This is the first album released by Bart Budwig. It features songs written and recorded over the first four years of his songwriting career 2004-2008.


released August 10, 2008

All other (non-Bart Budwig) musicians that helped out are mentioned under track credits. Bart Budwig produced, recorded, and wrote all of the songs.


all rights reserved



Bart Budwig Enterprise, Oregon

"He's a cosmic country lawn gnome" - Sean Jewell (American Standard Time)


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Track Name: Dream
Last night I dreamt of you
You have the prettiest smile in the world
Why did you leave me here
You're still my girl

Last night was beautiful
I love having you around
Remembering your perfect smile
Sure brings me down

I'd say I love you, I'd say I care
I'd say I need you, but you're not here
God why'd you take her, away from me
You do not need you have everything

We were driving in my car
Listening to cds
I was showing you something that I loved
While you were loving me

Your voice it kissed my ears
Your presence made me high
Right now I'm working so hard
But I'm barely getting by

Track Name: Peace
Everytime I think and then you're there
That's when I cry, that's when I try
To bring that person back I used to be
When you were around, when you were alive

And I want to leave this ugly world behind
And go to a place where I can be free
I'm gonna fly right through that big blue sky
And finally find peace the day I die

I just saw the sun peak through the rain
It gave me some hope, It eased some pain
Right now I can feel that something's getting better
I hope it's me and not just the weather


Everyday I wake just one day older
When will this long long life of mine be over
Everyday is work everyday's a trial
The days that I need are the ones that bring smiles

Track Name: Carnivore
Tell me what your thinking inside that head
I know you've got a monster, under that bed of hair

I can't read what you're feeling, please let it out
But I can see something and it shouts beware

Why is everything a mystery to me
Why don't you say what's on your mind
I ain't no god or psychic mind reader
Please don't expect me to figure it out.

Don't tell you aren't lying, I see it in your eyes
Don't tell me that you're alright, remove that disguise

If I just made a mistake, let me know
Cause I just want to fix it before you go and hate me.
Don't hate me.


I ain't being nosy, I just care
So come on and let that monster come out and share

I want to make it better, help me out
Let go of what you're feeling. What is it about?

Track Name: Live With Your Decision
You stuck up arrogant man
Making your own rules
You think you're always right
Well I think you're a fool

You left your precious wife
You left your loving family
Then you moved next door
You're not welcome anymore

You think you're friend
You think you're family
You made that end
Repent we forgive you
But we won't let you in again

Now you have a grandson
You're just some man to him
Live with you're decision
Bathe in your loneliness

I won't see you on Christmas
Or at Thanksgiving dinner
The prize is lost loved one
And yes you are the winner

Track Name: A Coke and a Smile
Back when Drinking wasn't y'alls style
Back when girls weren't worth our while
Back when time was always free
Working on cars reading magazines
Stupid arguments for conversation
Heavy metal on the radio station
My friends all changed and no they're gone
I'm all alone I'm pressing on

And all I really want's just a coke and a smile
It's been to long, it's been a while
All I really want's just a coke and a smile
It's been to long, it's been a while
I'm so lonely, so tired, so blue
So lonely, so tired, how bout you?

Back when I had a mom that cared
Back when my cousin had a dad that was there
Simple things one takes for granted
A whole made lunch a mom made sandwich
Getting picked up after school
Extra covers when the nights are to cool
I guess I'm stronger I don't know
I just don't let my feelings out the door


Now my life's based on GPA
That's how they say I'll be somebody someday
I'd like to think I was someone now
I'd like to think that I knew how to
Make it through my twenty hour day
And at the end have something to say
But it just seems I'm passing time
I've got a progress pause till the end of my life
Track Name: A Sunny Proposition
Sunshine shining down
Won't you take a little walk around and share
Your light across the world
Cause I've got a felling I'm not the only one whose feeling down

Sunny days come and go
Why does it seem they're never long enough
Oh I don't know
But when you get the good day you gotta take them slow

Sunlight light me up
Let your warmth come pouring through my door
and force my blues away
Take me back to the good old days

Sunshine shining down
Won't you take a little walk around and share
Your light across the world
Cause I've got a felling I'm not the only one whose feeling down

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